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Timeless Clasics
Shakespeare, Dickens, Twain, Tolstoy, Hugo, Verne...

Tarantino, Dan Brown, R.R.Martin, Stephen King...

Science Fiction
Asimov, Herbert, Clarke, Douglas Adams.

Old and New testament, Mormon, Quran, Gita...

Walking Dead, Spiderman, Superman, Batman

Children's books

Dr. Seuss, Mr Men, Winnie the Pooh, The Little Prince

Best Sellers
Divergent Series, Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter

The Collection

I want one!

Want one of my mini books for yourself? Unfortunately, this is not so easy. Books are copyrighted works and so I cannot sell my books to anyone.

There are some exceptions, though. If you would like a copy of a book that is your own work (for example, if you are an author, an illustrator or a publisher), then I will be more than happy to make a custom book of your work for you. I can also make copies of non-copyright content such as religious texts, public-domain works and works whose copyrights have expired. I can create custom books, such as family-photo books as well. If interested, please contact me to discuss the specifics using the contact me page. Due to the manual-labor that goes into every book individually, a custom book typically cost in the range of $35-50 depending on complexity.

Other items are also available, such as the miniature magnifying glass you see in some of the images. As you can see, the magnifier actually works and is built to scale with the books themselves. I designed it with having it on a necklace with a book in mind. The magnifier costs $15 and can be purchased individually, or with a custom book order.

If you'd like to order a custom book, here are a few things to consider, which affects the look & feel, as well as the costs:

Content: I can handle any format, but editing and layout take a while, which increases the cost.
Page count: Books beyond 100 pages might look ridiculous, as the thickness is disproportionate to the width and height.
Size: An ideal size is 0.9 x 1.3", but I can produce any size.
Graphics: Books that are full-color graphics require special processing that takes longer.
Cover: I offer many cover options, such as specialty paper, faux-leather and metal.
Cover ornaments: Some books would benefit from some special ornament, like The Neverending Story which has a 3d Auryn.
Add-ons: I have many nice add-ons like a mini magnifier.
Series: Some books work well as a series, like the Old Testament (3 books) or the Twilight 4 books.
Chain: Mini books work great as jewelry - necklace, earrings, charms. Many options are available.
Gift packaging: My books come in a standard cardboard box with white batting. Other options are available.
Shipping and delivery: I typically ship using USPS, but faster options are available.